Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't Keep Up!Mother's Day, Father's Day, NINE MONTHS OLD!

Nine Months Old!
I thought I would be pretty good at keeping up with everything going on with sweet Annabelle and all the new and exciting aspects of our lives together. Apparently, I am not!

Since my last post, Annabelle is basically not the same baby at all! She now says "Dada" much more often than "mama". She crawls faster than I ever thought anyone could. She cruises along the furniture, chases poor Macy dog both on foot and on tummy. She loves her finger foods and cannot get enough of yogurt smoothies! She's still in love with bathtime and requires so much sleep it cracks me up. (Yes, she gets that from mommy) Her norm is anywhere from 11-13 hours a night, occasionally she will even sleep 14 hours AND naps! We've been "swimming" lately and can't wait for our first little beach trip! I'm sure there are so so many things I've totally left out, but if I can think of them, I'll update!

We celebrated our first Mother's Day, which was just maybe the best day I've ever had! As has become our routine, sweet Steve popped up at 4 am to give me my gift and Annabelle was just an angel all day! We spent time with my family at church and lunch then had a nice late afternoon meal at the Hermitage Hotel like we did on Easter except this time just Steve, Annabelle and me. It was lovely!

Another big day I've had was my "2nd annual 29th Birthday"! I couldn't decide if I was excited or dreading it. On one hand, this has been the best year I've ever had and it just keeps getting better. On the other hand, 30 is still 30! But when the day came it was really wonderful. I spent the whole day playing with sweet Annabelle and planned to go to dinner at one of my favs, Cabana, with my family. Dinner time rolled around, Steve, Annabelle and I made it to Cabana a few minute late and when we were shown to our table it was actually several tables and about 30 of my friends and family! What a wonderful surprise! Steve and Mom really did a great job of surprising me and planning the most wonderful party. By far the best birthday ever. I have decided that if turning 30 is that great, I'll do that every year rather than 29!!

To keep the birthday festivities rolling, the next day was Steve's birthday! We had nice dinner out, just the 3 of us and celebrated with the rest of the family that weekend. Once upon a time I was able to stretch my birthday out over several days, but he has really put a wrench in that one for me! That's ok though, I guess he's worth it!

Last Friday Annabelle celebrated her 9 month mark! How crazy. We celebrated at The Puffy Muffin with her Nana and a great lunch. Makes me a bit panicky because I suddenly don't have all that long to plan her first birthday party!

And finally, on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day! Of course Steve has celebrated many Father's Days before, but this was the first with Annabelle so we tried to make as special as possible. I think we succeeded!

I've been so far behind with all this business that I'm just going to stop trying to type it all out and get on with the photos! They're more fun than reading, anyway.
They are in no reasonable order, so I'll explain as we go along!

My First Mother's Day flowers!

Annabelle wearing a little dress MawMaw Fisher made for me!

Her usual smiley self!

First Memorial Day

First time in the pool!

Happy Birthday to me!

FABULOUS French Confection Birthday Cake!

So sweet!

Just a lil fam time!

They play so well!

Baby likes to shop!

Loves her Daddy

Giving Daddy a Father's Day gift

Mother's Day

Mother's Day @Hermitage Hotel
First Carousel Ride

@Miel for Steve's Birthday

Father's Day

@Puffy Muffin-9 months old!
Sweet Big Blues!

With the bear her Daddy sent to the hospital 9 months earlier!

So this is what we've been doing the last month or so! That sweet smile is on her face nearly every minute of her waking time. I knew that Annabelle would be absolutely incredible before I ever met her, but I had no idea just how much happiness one tiny little person could bring to the world or how much I could love. We are truly thankful each and every second for the little gift that is Annabelle!

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