Monday, May 10, 2010

A very busy 2 weeks!

The last two weeks have gone by so quickly I can barely believe it! It seems like we've known forever that our sweet little baby would be a girl and it's only been two weeks, but my have we done a lot in these two weeks!

We immediately started shopping for Baby Girl's nursery decor, although we planned to wait until June to actually start buying anything since what we jokingly call the "British Invasion" is still a couple of weeks away! (this is when Steve's brother, sister and their family come from England to stay for Kimmie's wedding) However, wouldn't you know that every time we spot something we like, it's "the only one"...sooooo, the shopping began a bit earlier than planned!! It all started out innocently enough with a gorgeous pink changing table that we both fell head over heels for, but of course, when we picked it up, there was that beautiful chest that would go so perfectly (and, incidentally, had a "sold" sign on it, but never underestimate a Sperring woman who wants something). So now our Baby Girl has her first two pieces of furniture in as many weeks! And judging by all the kicks and wiggles and nudges, she's quite pleased so far!!

I also find it quite incredible how many adorable little outfits our sweet princess already has in her closet even though she's only been a "she" for two weeks!! Of course, her Nana did start buying sweet little girl clothes almost as soon as we found out we were pregnant, and Steve & I may have bought a thing or two as well...but in the last couple of weeks, her wardrobe seems to have grown almost as quickly as she has!

Last Sunday Steve & I were feeling a bit stir crazy and set out as soon as the rain stopped to get a few things at Target then realized that the store was basically completely empty and there wouldn't possibly be a better time to set up a registry! So, Steve armed with the scanner gun, and I spent some time scanning almost each and every cute little pink item on their shelves! It was quite overwhelming, and I'm sure we could've used assistance from "experienced" scanners, but we had fun nonetheless!

On Wednesday of last week, we took a break from all of the Baby Girl action to focus on Steve's older baby girl, Kimmie, when we spent the afternoon with her having her bridal portraits taken. After spending several hours wandering around Belle Meade Plantation and Cheekwood, we were all quite exhausted, but really enjoyed the day! In less than 3 weeks she'll be an absolutely beautiful bride! After almost 2 years of engagement, we can't believe their wedding day is now coming so quickly!

Finally, topping off all of our festivities of late was my first official Mother's Day! (hopefully Macy won't read this or I'll be in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!) Steve was on call this weekend and in the hospital all day on Saturday, but when he came home at 7 PM, he brought a gorgeous orchid with him! My very first Mother's Day present!! Then, at 4:30 on Sunday morning, I woke up needing to pee (shocking) and he was so excited about giving me the present from Baby Girl, he went to get it right then! I was thrilled to open up an adorable Juicy Couture stroller I'd been eyeing! I absolutely love it! I did find it a bit interesting that the first thing she ever gave me was actually for her...but I should probably get used to that! We both went back to sleep for a bit, then he completed my incredible day with an Eiffel Tower charm for my bracelet from him and a sweet little teddy bear charm from Macy! There isn't much better than baby goodies and blue boxes on a first Mother's Day! Last night, we topped it all off with dinner at Wild Ginger with my parents. I think I'll rate the day as a "10"!

So, that's how our last 2 weeks have been! Now to spend the next two getting ready to see our family, celebrate Kimmie & Clay and get ready for a week at the beach! It might be even busier than these last two! But I know we'll love every minute!