Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Laughing Matter

First thing's first...we have a laugh! Sweet Annabelle has been cooing and gurgling and squealing for a while now, but yesterday was her first big belly laugh! She gave her Daddy a {very} small chuckle in the  morning, but when I was playing airplane and kissing her neck last night, she let out a huge, precious laugh! And then again before bath time, we both had her nearly in stitches laughing at us. It's incredible how everything is constantly changing for us. At one time, I didn't think there could be anything more precious than the sound of her cry, and then it was her "aa-goooo" and now it's her laugh!

16 Weeks

Actually, yesterday had multiple firsts for Annabelle. Although it did snow for her first Christmas, we didn't really take her out into it until yesterday. We sort of did a practice run for Vail and bundled her up in one of her little snowsuits and out we went! We didn't stay out too long, just enough for the required photo ops, then back in again to get cozy and warm before our big playtime.

Our first time in the snow
Between the snow and laugh, she also had her first go in her Baby Einstein chair, which she loved. I expected Annabelle to be a bit of a musical baby since her Daddy is quite musical, but I had no clue! She will just sit and stare at the iPad when Steve plays music on it, she stares at him when he plays guitar, and now she goes nuts with the music in her little chair. She even figured out on her first spin in it that she can hit the buttons and the music plays! I would love to know just what spins around in the sweet brain of this 16 week old as she constantly experiences something new; and we are both totally loving experiencing it with her!

In my new chair

L-O-V-E baths!

Just a few days after Christmas, just being cute!

Our first family New Year's Eve