Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's June already???

I honestly cannot believe how fast time is flying right now!! It seems like just a few weeks ago that it was January, and now it's June!! The last few weeks have been absolutely packed with fun & happy times, and considering there's been a bridal shower, family visit, wedding, two birthdays and a vacation since my last blog, I thought it was maybe time for a little update!!

Two weeks ago, our family in England started arriving for something we've all been waiting quite a long time for: Kimmie's wedding!! Steve's sister, Ali, & her family (Rob, Josh & Jazzi) arrived on Tuesday morning before the wedding and his brother, Graham, along with Lyn, arrived late the following night. Somehow in the few days they were in town before the wedding, we managed to play at the pool, hit Green Hills, the Hill Center & Cool Springs for shopping, enjoy Kimmie's rehearsal & dinner AND have a big Southern style family BBQ!! Oh, and Jazzi & I joined Kimmie and her maid of honor for a mani-pedi, too! What a busy busy busy few days!!!

The most exciting part of the last few weeks was something that we've all been waiting for nearly two years: Kimmie & Clay's wedding! After months of planning with Kimmie, on Friday, May 28 the wedding day finally arrived!! It was an absolutely beautiful day, right up until time for us to leave the salon when it started pouring with rain...all afternoon until about an hour before the ceremony in the garden of Belle Meade Plantation! We all kept our fingers crossed and thankfully it cleared up long enough for their garden wedding ceremony and time for the guests to make it inside the Carriage House for the reception! Close call, but it all turned out beautifully!! She was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen and, if I do say so myself, we planned a fantastic wedding and reception! The Italian buffet was yummy, the cake was spectacular, flowers & band couldn't have been better, and to top it all off, a photobooth kept everyone busy and having a great time!! Congrats to Kimmie & Clay, I know they'll have a very long and happy life together!!

After a very late night at the wedding, everyone in the Sperring house woke up early on Saturday for our journey to Isle of Palms, SC to spend the week together in a beach house! We spent the WHOLE day on Saturday in the car, which is something I haven't done for many years now and have certainly never done while 6 months pregnant, so

I was thrilled when we finally arrived that night! I must say the drive wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, just wouldn't want to it often! Our house was interesting, to say the least, full of quirky larger-than-life pirates, hula girls and movie star figures, but with a fantastic ocean front pool and huge balconies, so we all really had a great time! We spent the week lounging on the beach, having water fights in the pool and generally just having fun together! Steve & I both celebrated our birthdays while we were there, and he gave me one of the most thoughtful presents ever: a Tiffany key locket to put sweet Baby Girl S's pic in once she arrives! It has two sides, so there'll be room for either a pic of Steve or one of Macy, too, just haven't decided which yet!! A carriage ride with everyone through Charleston and some fantastic meals topped off our wonderful week at the beach!

The Sperring Family @Hank's for Steve's Birthday

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that everything came and went so incredibly quickly! It just seems crazy that we planned and planned and waited and waited for the wedding and everyone's visit, and now, it's all over! We usually only get to spend a few days at a time with our family in England a couple of times a year, so to have nearly 2 weeks together really was fantastic, but that makes it that much more depressing now that they've gone! And I think even Baby Girl might be having withdrawals from her cousin Jazzi, as she spent lots of the week poking my belly and telling her to wake up so she could watch her kick! There are just no words to describe how wonderful it all has been!

So, that's about it for what we've been doing lately, but I think that's more than enough! Now we just have to get busy with the next big project: nursery! I kind of had a bit of a panic today when I realized that we have less than 15 weeks to get everything done and ready for our Baby Girl's arrival...but I have no doubt once September comes, it will all be absolutely perfect and we'll be more than ready...I hope!!
Lyn, Mom, Me, Ali & Jazzi

And, a HUGE thanks to Stephanie & Amy at True Bliss Events for making Kimmie's wedding day so perfect!!