Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mama! (Just found this from April 24 I hadn't posted yet...)

How do you really classify a "first word"? Is it the first time the word is spoken or the first time the word is spoken AND baby knows what it means? Not sure why I'm asking as the answer really doesn't matter because Annabelle said "mama" so that's her first word whether she knows that's me or not! Oh how sweet that sound is. She said it for the first time on Good Friday, and boy was it!

We've had quite a good week this week. Steve had a follow-up CT scan this week (he is almost 6 months post-op). Before he had ca and would have a test while we were trying to figure out his cough I was never nervous as I guess I kind of have the "eternal optimist" outlook and always just knew nothing would be wrong. This was his first scan since November when I realized I was wrong and something was wrong and I was incredibly nervous about it. But, everything looks good and my darling husband is still healthy and cancer free for which we are all so thankful!

We also spent some time outside with Annabelle this week both at the park and on a bike ride. Steve really enjoys biking (not the little bit over the top, dresses like he should be in the Tour de France type), but just nice, relaxing rides so we finally got around to getting a little bike trailer for Annabelle to ride in behind her Daddy. There are some great bike trails that go right through our neighborhood so we took her out for her first spin yesterday and she just loved it! She cooed and squealed the whole time we were out and really seemed to enjoy the breeze blowing in her face. She's such a happy baby all the time anyway, not really sure what I expected. What I am sure of, though, is that I'm glad he's the one pulling back up the hill to home and not me!

I really have grown to love Easter more and more every year. The weather is (usually) quite nice and spring-y and it's extra special to us since we got married on Easter weekend. Now, here we are 5 years later celebrating Annabelle's first Easter and now it will more special again since she had her Baby Dedication service on Easter Sunday! Steve & I had been talking about it for a while and trying to come up with a "compromise" for how we wanted the service. He grew up in the Church of England which, shockingly, is just a little bit different than my Baptist background. Naturally, he had his visions of just how the service should go as did I, and although the end result of both of our thoughts was the same, the specific details were not. Thankfully, however, the discussion was settled when God's timing intervened and sent the Outlaw family home early from Kazakstan! This meant that the same pastor who married us was able to do the service, making it that much more special.

After the service, we had a nice family lunch at The Hermitage Hotel, complete with the Easter Bunny. The whole weekend was really very nice and makes me look forward to all of our Easters to come!

Pics to come!

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