Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 Weeks and Growing...

Happy Girl
It's so hard to believe that our sweet Annabelle is already 7 weeks old! So much has been happening lately that we just can't keep up. We've now celebrated her first holiday, but more exciting, her first real smile! She obviously loves her Mommy, but nothing like her Daddy, who won the prize of our little girl's very first glowing, exited smile at 5 weeks and 3 days old! And then four more that same day. And then more the next day and the day after. It took about 3 more days for her to smile for me, but that's ok, I love seeing her smile at her Daddy just as much!! She's a very happy baby, and unlike me, definitely a morning person! She wakes up in the best mood and then spends half the morning stretching and kicking her legs, smiling and cooing.
It's so much fun to have this little ray of sunshine in our lives!
In her Woombie at 6 weeks

Our little English pea

Beautiful Girl
My 3 Loves
Our first family stop at a pumpkin patch

They really do see "eye to eye"!

So this is all the happiness of the last few weeks.,  Unfortunately, we've had some surprisingly rough times, too. We'd like to ask for happy thoughts and prayers for all of us this week, Steve especially, as he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and will have surgery on Thursday. Next weekend I'll have a happy update that he will be cancer free and we will all be back to our normal, fabulous life!

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