Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Comes Down Must Go Up...

First Shopping Day with Nana
For literally months, we were counting down the months, weeks, days until Annabelle's arrival. And now here we are, counting up the days and weeks since her birth. It seems nearly impossible that she's been here for 4 weeks already, but she has been as of yesterday.
These have easily been the busiest, happiest four weeks of my life. They've been so full of firsts, I can hardly believe it. First bath, first time to visit Daddy at work, first Sunday to go to church, there are just so many! I'm trying to remember to take pictures of all of her firsts, hopefully I haven't missed anything yet. 
One of the best firsts so far has been her first time to sleep through the night! I just knew that we would end up paying for my practically perfect pregnancy with a horrible experience after delivery, but that hasn't been the case at all! She's only had 2 "all nighters" since we brought her home and at 2 weeks 6 days old, Annabelle slept all the way through the night! Most nights she wakes only once around 2:30, so I certainly can't complain about that!! 
I'm already saddened at how quickly she's growing and noticing little things she's already growing out of doing. At her 2 week appointment, she had gained back all the weight that she lost after birth, plus one ounce to be a perfect, even 8 pounds. She's much more alert with every day that passes. She loves her bouncy seat and her swing, but more than anything, she loves her Daddy's chest! There is absolutely no place she'd rather be, and I just love that (so does her Daddy!)!! We're taking photos like crazy to help us remember all of these wonderful little moments and as my memory is not very cooperative right now, I'll just let the photos tell the story of our sweet little daughter's first 4 weeks!!!
Our First Walk: 9/26/10
First trip to the zoo: 10/16/10

Four Weeks Old: 10/15/10

First Trip to Nana's: 10/10/10

First Sunday to go to Church 10/10/10
First Time in Crib

First Time in Swing

Just a little cuddle

First Visit with the girls: 9/23/10

First Trip Out: 09/22/10 (Costco!)

First Tub Bath: 10/04/10

First day of Chelsea v Arsenal! AND Chelsea won 2-nil.

FIVE generations 09/26/10
First Visit to CSC to see Daddy

We can't wait to keep celebrating firsts with our little Annabelle!

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