Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Furry Firstborn

It's so incredibly hard to believe that we now have just over a week until our sweet little baby girl's due date. We're pretty sure we have everything ready for her arrival, so now we're just waiting! Everybody pretty much knows, though, that Annabelle isn't really going to be my very firstborn, we already have the sweetest, most loving sweet girl in the world (even if she is furry), Macy! So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to gush over her for a bit, before her sister comes along and totally steals the show!

I'm sure that most people think that we are completely insane when it comes to Macy, but for nearly 5 years, she's been our baby! And it isn't just for no reason, either. I could go on and on with stories about this sweet little Maltese, but I'll just stick to the one that made me realize a few days ago that she needs her own post.

The day she joined our family
See the tiny bone!
As we've been rushing about making sure everything is ready for Annabelle, we've been trying really hard to include Macy as well. We've learned that if we let her see stuffed animals and blankets, she's much less interested in them then if we try to keep them from her. She really just wants to be kept in the loop. As I've gradually been getting my suitcase ready for the hospital, I've been a bit surprised it hasn't upset her because normally once we take a suitcase out of the closet, she gets very fussy as she knows it means we're about to leave her for a little while, which she hates! I started thinking though that since I've kept in the guest room and have been gradually filling it, she hadn't even noticed it was there. Not true, apparently. On Tuesday when I added something else to the bag, I noticed that some of my perfect folding seemed to be a bit scrumpled and as I straightened it, I realized why. This sweet little Macy whose biggest prize are her tiny little rawhide bones, had put one in my bag, and "buried" it in some of my clothes! How much sweeter does it get than that? Not sure if she's hoping to come with me or if just wants to make sure I have something to make me think of her, but either way, it completely melted my heart!

When she was a "baby"

This is a few years ago...little Diva!

Still a puppy
Just a few days ago...she was playing and fell asleep

With her BFFs
And she loves Christmas!

Halloween 2 years ago

Typical Macy taking over the bed!

She could not love her Daddy more!

Sweet Macy waiting for Annabelle...just like us!
To some people, I'm sure she's "just a dog", but to us, she's a furry little baby who watches TV, snuggles in bed while we read and has more love to give than you can even imagine! And that's why we consider her our furry firstborn!

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