Monday, July 12, 2010

Kick, kick...Nudge, nudge...Stitch, stitch!

So we are now at 30 weeks, and still not prepared! But, we are getting closer!!! I was talking to Hope (one of my long standing BFF's, met the day we moved in together Freshman year @Belmont) last week and telling her all about the fun stuff we've been gathering together for little SAS. I was feeling quite proud of myself until she asked if we had any of the "necessities". Of course I thought we did, as I gushed about last time, we have furniture, clothes, etc! She kind of laughed at me and asked about onesies, blankets, diapers... Sadly the answer was no, no & no! So, then we started gathering some of the less fun but still ridiculously-cute-because-they're-so-small items like the onesies and diapers! And even some diaper cream & wipes, too. But of all the "necessities" we've acquired lately, I've totally fallen in love with something I never imagined: the burp cloth. I know,  I can't believe it, either! And thanks to my oh so incredibly full of surprises hubby, she'll never have a boring one! 
Since almost the moment we knew we were pregnant, I've been on and on (and on) about wanting an embroidery machine so that I can put a monogram on any and everything possible for baby! Once we found out we were having a girl, that desire multiplied by about a million. Then there was the whole A.S.S. debacle, but obviously we got that one sorted out...SO one day last week I opened up the front door to take Macy out and VOILA...the embroidery machine fairy had made a stop (was probably more like a guy in a truck wearing brown shorts & knee socks, but whatever) and the rest is now really cute, personalized history and our sweet little SAS will spit up on the cutest of cute cloths. And onesies. And gowns. And whatever else I can think of to stick her name or initials on!
The last thing we've been working on this week is arranging and painting her nursery! Everything is here except for the crib, so we've been moving furniture all around to make sure we get it all just where we want it! The room already looks crazy different than when we started, and we (actually Mom) has only gotten the ceiling painted so far. I'm so excited to see the way it all turns out, I hope she loves it as much as I think I will! We only have about another month until it's totally finished, but of course I'm taking photos along the way of the changes! 
More important than all that we've doing is all that she's been doing! I can't believe that she's now nearly 3 pounds and more than 15 inches long...although it definitely feels like she's every bit of that and even more! I love that she now seems to have a sleep/wake pattern, which I very much hope she continues as it seems to be right on target with mine, and I really love watching what Kimmie calls the "lava lamp" belly! According to todays email, she can now taste, see, hear and touch everything around her...not that that's very much yet! I'm constantly amazed at the little miracle that kicks and nudges her way through the day and even more thankful than I ever imagined for it!

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