Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello, Third Trimester...Please Slow Down...Mommy is a Procrastinator!

This week we entered the THIRD TRIMESTER! And I cannot believe it! As I've said before, time is just going much too quickly for us. Sometimes I feel a bit like an oddball because it seems that most people at this point are ready to be finished with this pregnancy business and just wanting to meet their adorable little baby. Not me! Not that I can't wait to meet her and see her little face and play with her little toes, I'm just not finished with being pregnant yet! I've completely loved (almost) every moment of this time. I love her little kicks. I love trying to guess if she's going to have my eyes or Steve's nose. I even love the way I far! And besides all that, we're not even close to being prepared for her arrival!

It's so hard for me to imagine that one sweet little girl needs so much stuff to get her started, not least of all, a name! We've known pretty much all along what we wanted her first name to be, hard part over, right? WRONG!! As it turns out, we couldn't really agree on anything for her middle name. There was just one that we both really really loved, but, alas, that would make her initials A.S.S. And we almost decided to just ignore that and go with it anyway, as everyone told us no one would notice, she's our baby, etc. Of course we ran the name by Kimmie (who was one of the one's who told us to ignore what others said) and her new hubby Clay, who pretty much sealed the deal with her name. I can't remember exactly word for word how he responded, but it was very similar to the way I worried the average 8 year old boy would act! He immediately pointed out that maybe she could have a backpack someday with her initials on it. And that wouldn't it be cool for her to walk down the halls of school with A.S.S. on her back. I think he even volunteered to buy it for her...SOOOO back to the drawing board! We have now decided that we'll use the same two names that have always been our favorites, we'll just reverse them! So, now Steve & I are going to have a little S.A.S. Which she's pretty much destined to be anyway with us as her parents, so we might as well call a spade a spade!

Now that the name issue has been solved (as long as we don't change our minds...again) we figured it was time to get on with finding the rest of her furniture. Up until this week, our poor little SAS only had a diaper bag, a changing table and a chest for her nursery. She of course has plenty of clothes to nearly fill the drawers, several tiny little things in her closet, more pairs of shoes than a small country (priorities), and we had actually ordered her crib linens, but no crib to put them on, no chair for me to rock her in, not even a light for her room! Those who know us really well know that we both love to shop, actually you probably don't have to know us that well to know that, but whatever. I am, however, known as a "stalker" or  "lurker"...I like to have what I want, and find it at a deal! Amazing how things work out...
We had at least chosen the crib, but since everywhere we looked at it said "ships in 2-3 days" we hadn't actually ordered it yet. Of course this week, when I decide to order it, it's on backorder. Until mid-September. Well, great! This meant that I had to resort to my usual methods of stalking and combing the internet like mad to find what I want, which I did. AND, on this obscure website, it was 25% off for 2 days only. It will be here in about 4 weeks. Score one for me. Next on our list was a chair for the nursery. We have looked all around for what we envisioned in our heads, with the help of the internet, for the perfect glider, but we couldn't find what we wanted anywhere. Not even at Plaid Rabbit (our favorite store as of about 6 months ago). So, I was nearly resigned to having to order one online, which I wasn't crazy about since we couldn't test-sit first, but we just couldn't find what we wanted! A few days ago, I emailed the designer of my "ultimate chair" just to see if there might be some little place I didn't know about nearby that would have one of their chairs so I might have some idea of what it would be like. Little did we know there's an adorable little place in Franklin called It's Vintage, Baby, but there is. And today, we went in. Would you believe that they had the exact chair of my dreams. Steve loved it. They are moving at the end of the month and don't want to move furniture. "If you would like to have this very chair, we'll knock 20% off"...why yes, yes we would like to have that very chair! So, as of today, sweet little SAS has a nice little setup for her nursery! Moral of the story, procrastination pays! Or at least gets a discount!

Now, if we can just get her Nana to paint every surface of her nursery pink, we'll be in business and ready for her arrival! Once we get her a mattress that is...and a car seat...and diapers...hmmmm.

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