Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We have a little crawler!

She finally made it to Daddy!
Look at that happy face!
Today Annabelle truly and officially crawled. She made a little creep across the floor quite awhile ago and over the weekend started doing a bit of the army crawl forward, then up on her knees and backwards but today was an official "hands and knees" crawl! She's still quite slow (thankfully) but we're just loving her excitement in this new discovery of motion. She came across the living to get to me this afternoon (or maybe Macy) and tonight it was much quicker to get to her Daddy. I feel quite certain now that she can make her own way she would probably cross a desert to get to him.

The past week has actually been an eventful one in her little life. We visited Steve at work last Monday night when he was on OB call (I brought dinner, she brought dessert). While we were there another physician came into the lounge and oohd and ahhd over Annabelle. As she left, of course she said "Bye bye" and waved. Straight out of nowhere, Annabelle picked up her little arm and waved back! Then another guy came and went; she waved again. Wondering if it was just a two-time fluke, I waved and said "bye bye". And she waved at me, too! I find it incredible just how observant she obviously is as we haven't tried to teach her that yet, she just noticed that's what people do. So now it's what Annabelle does, too.

Over the weekend, Annabelle developed her first little cold and it just melted my heart. It is basically already over now, but for three days she had a snuffly nose, chesty little cough and sneeze sneeze sneeze. It's probably ridiculous that I even found her little cold to be cute, but it was. Often when she feels a sneeze coming on, she calmly removes the paci from her mouth, gives a huge (tiny) little sneeze, coos and puts the paci back into her mouth. It's almost as though she likes to sneeze. Who knows, maybe it's fun for such a little baby to make such a big sound.

We're both really glad she started crawling this week. Next Friday is our 5 year anniversary and we are going to Barbuda without her for a week. When we booked the trip Annabelle was of course adorable, but she didn't "do" as much as she does now. I had been so worried she would start crawling while we were away and we would miss it. So much that I had instructed my mom to knock her over (gently) if she started to crawl next week! I know that it will be good for us to be together "just us" for the week, but I just know we are going to miss this little girl like crazy. For all of you who told me before she was born that  I wouldn't want to leave her: you were right! I know I said I would still want to go places with just Steve because for 5 years that's been such a big part of our lives. And I do still want to go all over the place with Steve, but Annabelle better be ready because she's going, too!

Already miss these two!

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