Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Anniversary

So everybody who knows us knows we LOVE our traveling!! Last August, we went with Kimmie & Clay to The Regent Grand on Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos Islands, and we loved it so much that I actually filled out a very long survey they emailed to us after our vacation. As a "thank you" for filling it out, they entered us into their yearly drawing for a 4-night return stay to either of their properties. To our surprise and delight, we actually won!! So, last week, off to Turks & Caicos we went!!

We like to go different places and see new things, so we decided we'd spend 4 nights at Parrot Cay and then go for our 4 free nights to Villa Renaissance on Provo. We had fun at both places, as we always do together, but Parrot Cay wasn't really up to all the hype and it made us really excited to get to Provo and Grace Bay!! It didn't help that it rained while we were at PC, but, on a fun note, we did see Keith Richards there at dinner all dressed in his headband, fedora and a trenchcoat because that is clearly what you wear in the Caribbean to go unnoticed...

On Tuesday we left the rain of Parrot Cay behind for our boat ride back to the sunshine and blue water of Grace Bay and our free stay! I can't say enough about how fabulous that free stay was! We had a 2 BR ocean front condo right on the ground floor, so we could walk out our patio and straight to the beach! Every morning they brought us a little basket with bottled water, fruit, pastries, yogurt and juice for our breakfast on the patio, which I just loved!! Along the whole beach side of the condo were sliding glass doors with an electric drop down screen so we could open the whole wall and listen to the waves! I'm not sure how many other guests were there, but it felt like we were the only ones! We spent lots of time laying on the beach, reading, racing at sudoku (which I ALWAYS win), played football in the water and took lots of belly pics!
Afterall, when else can a girl wear a bikini and not have to worry about her belly sticking out!

Thursday was our 4 year anniversary, which is the "fruit or plant" anniversary and how I convinced Steve to take me to TCI for my present as it's full of tropical fruit & plants!! During our patio breakfast that morning, he also surprised me with a palm tree charm from my favorite little blue box to go on my charm bracelet! He got the big surprise that morning, though, when he found an envelope in his fruit basket describing the new guitar that was waiting at home for him! I know it isn't fruit or plant, but it was in a fruit basket, so that works! We had a great time just being lazy together last week, but it's always nice to come back home, too! And now we get to look forward to finding out if our little bundle is a boy or a girl next Monday!!! 
We'll be sure to let you know!

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